Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing

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Join over 100,000+  students in Learning to Draw Professional Characters for Animation, Games, Comics, Manga and More.

  • 26 Hours of Training
  • 10 Comprehensive Modules from Absolute Beginner to Advanced Professional Drawing
  • Life-time Access, Mobile or PC
  • Work Digitally on PC, Mac and Tablet or Traditionally with Pencils and Paper

Course Overview:


  • You should have a desire to draw characters well
  • You should have a desire to reach a professional level of drawing ability


What is Character Art School?

Character Art School is a 10 week learn-anywhere video course where you learn to become adept at drawing professional characters. I’ve hand-crafted the Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing course to be the only course you need, to learn all the core fundamentals and advanced techniques to drawing and sketching characters well. If you’re an absolute beginner or you’re already at an intermediate level, the course will advance your current ability to a professional level. The course is a comprehensive 10 module guided video course, where the only limit to your progression is your determination and engagement in the rewarding assignments.

Whether you want to draw character concept art for films and games, illustrations, comics, manga, Disney style or other styles, this is the course you need to get you there.

I’ll teach you to draw without fear. I’ll teach you to draw well.

Finally, Learn Character Drawing Well

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or intermediate at character drawing, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew. Seriously. Inspired by masters and built on the theory of giants, Character Drawing Academy is one of, if not the most comprehensive character drawing course out there. I’m so convinced of this, I’ll give you a no-questions asked refund if you’re not satisfied.

Clear, Easy to Understand Lessons

Crystal clear in fact. Learning character drawing effectively means having information presented in a logical and coherent way. The Character Academy Course is modular by design, easy to grasp, and allows you to learn in a well paced, structured way. Engage in the course chronologically, then revise each module at your leisure. Grasp concepts faster than you ever have before – there’s no fluff here.

Assignments that are Rewarding

Bridging the gap between theory and practice, each module’s assignments have been designed to both reinforce theory, and feel rewarding. I’ve taken the core of the theory, and purpose built each assignment to help you rapidly progress, and you’ll see the difference in your own work almost immediately. Art is about doing, so let’s get started.

What's Your Style?

Whether you want to learn to draw characters for games, comics, cartoons, manga, animation and more, this course has you covered. I'm not teaching you a 'method' or a 'way' to draw, I'm teaching you to be a fundamentally good character artist.

What are Students Saying about the Course?

"This course is absolutely amazing. I've gone through a few courses on drawing/painting and this is by far the best of those. The explanations are clear and concise, the most important aspects are reinforced extremely well, the conveyed knowledge has both breadth and depth, the course conveys theoretical knowledge with practical examples, the instructor shows you a few nice little tricks to streamline your workflow... This course has absolutely everything! Definitely recommended!"

- Sven Hauschild ★★★★★

"This course was the most awesome ever. Never before had I actually understood an instructor so easily. Everything made sense. I went from not being able to draw a stick figure to creating characters in a very short time. The theory was sound and solid. Each element and step was perfect. Simply a fantastic course!" 

- Mikhail McMillan ★★★★★

"Fantastic course for the beginner or advanced artist. I have a decent amount of experience in drawing, but this course helped point out where my weaknesses are and how to fix them. Like learning anything, it's about mastering the fundamentals, which this course teaches very well. I particularly benefitted from the workflow section, as I'm good at detail work but lacked the knowledge (and the patience) to do rough work on the front end. I highly recommend this course."

Tony De La Rosda ★★★★★

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn to draw characters well, in any style
  • Individuals who love character art, from Video Game Art, to Animation, Comics, Manga and more

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